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called to my a**Unl to follow me, and runaway to 
have the rafters, which had been jo* erected , braced and 
secured. But cm reaching the ridge which afforded a new 
of our new budding, B yet stronger gust came which almost 
lifted me off the ground, and instantly I saw the first pair 
of rafters giving way and falling against the next pair, 
which in turn gave way in like manner, bearing down the 
next, and with the increasing momentum of the weight and 
wind the whole fourteen pair of rafters fell with a crash 
which threatened the destruction of the entire building. 
The Haidas came rushing up in large numbers, and with 
them came my white friend and his Tssimshean crew. A 
large shoal of dogfish had been stranded on the shore 
during the preceding night, and the Haidas had been 
engaged in gathering them in heaps when the gale struck, 
and they had been attracted by the noise of the falling 

I came down from where I had been inspecting the 
damage, and informed my friend that I had abandoned all 
hope of embarking with him, as 1 could not now leave the 
structure onjil the damage had been repaired. He was 

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